These are some of the performers have appeared in the Warwickshire/Coventry area in the past 15 years
(North Warwickshire-based acts display the "Local" logo)

Song Acts

Alan Stocks


Andrew Caddie

Andy Wall

Ann Duggan

Anna Ryder

Anna Ryder And Keith Donnelly

Anthony John Clarke

Anthony John Clarke And Dave Pegg

Barrie And Ingrid Temple

Barron Brady


Bill Bates

Bill McKinnon

Bob And Gill Berry

Bob Brooker

Bob Fox

Bob Kirkpatrick

Bram Taylor

Brian Peters

Brian Phillips

Bruce Watson



Chris Tobin

Close Quarters

Colin Pitts

Colin Squire

Copper Kettle

Coventry Singer Songwriters


Damian Clarke

Dave And Julia Taylor

Dave Bennett And Brenda Hart

Dave Fry

Dave Gibb

Dave Parr

Dave Tighe And Nigel Bullock

Dave Webb

Denise Smith

Derek Gifford

Des Patalong


Duncan Mc Farlane And Anne Brivonese

Duncan McFarlane

Ed Rennie

Ellie Seymour

Emily Weygang And Ben Harper

Flos Headford

Flossie Malavialle

Gary And Vera Aspey

Geoff Higginbottom

Geoff Veasey

George Papavgeris

George Papavgeris And His Los Marbles

Gerry Colvin Band

Gill Gilsenan

Gilly Kemp

Glorishears Ceilidh Band

Graeme Knights

Grannys Attic

Gren Bartley

Hamish Currie

Harriet Bartlet

Heather Innes And Ciaran Dorris

Hector Gilchrist

Hilary Ward

Ian Bruce

J. P. Slidewell

James Hickman

Jamie McCoan

Jan And Terry Wisdom

Jason Hinchey

Jeff And Elaine Gillett

Jez Lowe

Jez Lowe And The Bad Pennies

Jim Mageean

Joe Roberts

John And Elaine Meechan

John Connolly

John Hare

John Kearney

John Morris

John Neale

John Prentice

John Richards

John Richards (and Em Of John Richards Band)

John Richards And Jim Sutton

John Richards Band

John Richards Quartet

John `Mitch` Mitchell

Jon Harrington

Jon Harvison

Julie Neale

K C Jones

Karen Killeen

Karen Pfeiffer And Paul Walker

Katherine Fear

Keiron Means

Keith Donnelly

Keith Kendrick And Silvia Needham

Kevin Dempsey

Kim Lowings And The Greenwood

Kitty Vernon And Derek Burgess

Kristy Gallacher

Lauren South

Les Sullivan

Life And Times

Linda Watkins Band

Linda Watkins With Godfrey Yeomans

Louise Jordan

Lucy Ward

Lynda Watkins And Godfrey Yeomans

Lynne Heraud And Pat Turner

Maggie Coleman

Mal Waite

Malc Gurnham

Malc Gurnham And Gill Gilsenan

Maria Barham

Martin Banks

Martin Bushnell

Martyn Oram

Max Wright

Melrose Quartet

Mick McGarry

Mike Sparks

Mike Stewart Lawrence

Miriam (Erasmus) Backhouse

Moose Rosser

Moses And The Ref

Neale Pointon

Nick Dow

Norman Wheatley

Notts Alliance


Pat Cooksey

Patti Smith And Ned Clamp

Paul And Liz Davenport

Paul Cherrington And Pamela Ward

Paul Downes

Paul Scourfield

Paul Walker And Karen Pfeiffer

Paula And Stuart Tindall

Penni McLaren-Walker

Penni McLaren-Walker And Brian Causton

Pete Burnham And Shiela Moseley

Pete Grassby

Pete Kelly

Pete Smith

Peter Glyde

Phil Benson

Phil Hare

Phil Hulse

Phil Riley And Neil Mercer

Poachers Pocket

Rainbow Sunshine Club (Circus Skills And Carnival Celebration)

Red Shoes

Richard And Jess Arrowsmith

Rob Halligan

Roger And Jo Quigley

Ron Holmes

Ron Trueman-Border

Roy Clinging

Sally Ironmonger And Brian Carter

Sally-Ann Veasey

Sandy Watts

Sara Gray


Scolds Bridle

Shades Of Grey

Sheila Moseley

Si Barron


Sound Tradition

Stanley Accrington


Steve And Julie Wigley

Steve And Kristie Nebel

Steve Hicks And Lynn Goulbourn

Steve Turner

Sue Brown And Lorraine Irwing

Sue Graves

Sue Sanders

Sue Simmons

Sue Stevens

Sue White



Ted Webb

The Duncan Mc Farlane Band

The Dustbowl String Band

The Flaky Tarts

The Hairy Folkers

The Harvesters

The Laners

The Lost Notes

The Old `Uns

The Paper Circus

The Redhills

The Somerville Gentlemen

The Thrup`nny Bits

The Wright Brothers

Time After Time

Tina Taylor

Tom Lewis

Tom Patterson And Dave Morton

Tom Perry And Clive Brooks

Toni Bunnell

Tony Barrett

Tony Portlock

Vikki Swan And Jonny Dyer

Wendy Arrowsmith

Wildwood Jack

Will Finn And Rosie Calvert

Will Morgan

Winter Wilson

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